Alepat Taylor owns vineyards in Coonawarra, South Australia and The Riverina and has enjoyed long term relationships in the premium grape growing regions of the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale, enabling the supply of excellent quality wines.  From harvest to fermentation and bottling, the complete process is under the careful supervision of our highly experienced senior wine makers.

We ensure a superior product is produced to perfectly suit our export client’s requirements. Alepat Taylor also produce a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with significant expertise in Cider, Liqueurs, Spirits, RTD’s, flavoured and non- flavoured mineral and spring water and fruit juice.

Alepat Taylor commenced exporting its premium select wines in 1994, with the focus to showcase Alepat Taylor’s proprietary brands to the international market. With rapid and continual growth, we now export to over 20 countries including:

  • China
  • Europe
  • South East Asia
  • Pacific Islands

China is our main export market and exports to China have increased at a rate of 30% per year for several years. From the selection of wine type through to packaging, we customise bottling runs to the needs of our Chinese clients and provide professional opinions and services to them

Our export team consists of Mandarin language speakers who have many years of experience in export to China and other markets. They specialise in;

  • Letter of Credit Documentation
  • Contracts and Distribution Agreements
  • Logistics
  • Industry Documentation required for import clearance
  • Private Labelling

We look forward to the opportunity to share our deep knowledge and experience in export with you, developing successful and profitable outcomes together.

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