Amaro Lucano

Lucano produces the goldilocks amaro: not too bitter, not too sweet, not too hot, not too light. This family operation has been in operation since 1894 and has grown to include a range of Amari, Limoncello, Sambuca and Vermouth, and a category leading non-alcoholic option in Lucano Zero.

Lucano Amaro was created by Pasquale Vena in the back room of the Vena cookie bakery in Pisticci in 1894. Located in Basilicata on the southern tip of Italy, the region helped Pasquale name his Amaro – Lucania was the historic name of tip of the peninsula which is now called Calabria. Loved by many and with immediate uptake, by 1900, Vena became the official purveyor of Amaro to the Royal House of Savoy.

Slow but steady growth of Lucano steamrolled by the mid 1960s after a move to Pisticci Scalo and a new plant, where production grew to nearly 120,000L per year. This was followed by an expansion of range and the introduction of other liqueurs such as Limoncello, Sambuca and Lucano Caffé in the 1970s. Growth continued exponentially, and Lucano acquired Limoncetta di Sorrento in 2015, and then opened a technological museum, Essenza Lucano in 2019.

The company intends to follow an upward trajectory in development of portfolio brands and the acquisition of new ones. Today, the founder’s grandson Pasquale Vena, his wife Rosistella and their sons Leonardo, Francesco and Letizia work with the same determination that has led Lucano to become so successful. Although operations for the Amaro continue in Pisticci, outposts for Vermouth and Limoncello can now be found in Turin and on the Amalfi coast respectively, while head office is now in Milan (also home to their new partner, Giass Gin).

Amaro Lucano was the founding product, a secret recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation in the Vena family since the beginning. The recipe includes wormwood, clary sage, holy thistle, musk yarrow, sweet orange, angelica, gentian, cinnamon and aloe, along with other ingredients the family holds tight to its chest. The Lucano Amaro style has found worldwide appeal in its versatile nature­ – it’s the goldilocks amaro: not too bitter, not too sweet, not too hot, not too light. This means it works straight-up or on the rocks, but also has plenty of flavour to partner with soda or even tonic or stronger mixers. Download Amaro Lucano’s Easy Mixology tips here.

“It’s a medium style, with a rich complexity and balanced herbal bitterness, and aromatic notes of licorice and cinnamon. Although it’s a frequent go-to as a digestivo, one of my preferred ways to drink it, and a favorite low-ABV drink in general, is with tonic water and lime.” Punch Drink

“The profile blends citrusy and floral notes to achieve an excellent balance in both flavor and mouthfeel. Drink the stuff on ice or splash it with sparkling wine or soda, and you’re set.” Serious Eats

“Lucano has plenty of complexity but manages to remain modest in sweetness as well as restrained on the bitter front. It’s a well done product, and stands as an amaro that I will certainly return to time and time again.” 9/10 Drink Hacker

“Rich and syrupy with balancing bitterness, enlivening spice and herbal complexity.” 4 ½ stars (out of 5), Difford’s Guide

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