Explore our diverse portfolio of Australian and imported wines, spirits and more, available for the Victorian trade


Manufacturing and packaging at one of Victoria’s largest and longest established drink production companies


Discover our totally integrated export solutions for Australian wines at all specifications and price levels

Over 100 years of collective experience and two state-of-the-art plants make Alepat Taylor your perfect partner for all your drinks manufacturing and packaging needs.

With our variety of turnkey solutions, knowledgeable service and flexibility, Alepat Taylor has a winning history of nurturing brands through launch and multi-national market leaders through periods of change. On a corporate level, constant research and innovation and expansion in operations and plant footprint allow us to adapt to new market developments and assist our partners with growth and change. We have a strong reputation for customer satisfaction, consistency and efficiency. Our flexible offering can both nurture a new producer or handle the demands of large-scale commercial production.

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Alepat Taylor commenced exporting its premium select wines in 1994, with the focus to showcase Alepat Taylor’s proprietary brands to the international market. With rapid and continual growth, we now export to over 20 countries.

We ensure a superior product is produced to perfectly suit our export client’s requirements. Along with wine, Alepat Taylor also produces a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. We customise bottling runs to the individual needs of our export clients and provide end-to-end professional services. Our export team includes Mandarin language speakers who have many years of experience in export to China and other markets.


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