about us

What began as a wine and spirits distribution company in 1892 (Alexander & Paterson) and wine merchant in 1898 (Taylor Ferguson & Co.), has evolved to include wholesale Distribution, Export, wine production, drinks manufacturing and bottling under the Alepat Taylor banner.

Three Italians – Carlo Travaglini, Fred Liuzzi and Mario Ciampa, ushered in the new era of Alepat Taylor, joining hands as directors in 1996. Along with personal holdings in south Australia they brought together a wealth of experience in domestic wines and spirits, wholesale FMCG and drinks manufacturing, and set the company firmly on the path it still follows today.

The vertically integrated drinks manufacturing, sales and distribution model at Alepat Taylor is based on the core values of service and quality control, and offers an end-to-end solution for our clients, from sourcing and production, import/export, storage, sales, administration and logistics. Controlling all aspects of our trade, from bottle to shelf and beyond either end of that journey, allows us to take full responsibility for quality and remain tightly coupled with the drinks industry. 

How We work

Alepat Taylor continues to be a family-run business, working with leading Australian and imported brands. Our directors’ time-honoured relationships with some of Australia’s most historic wine producers has formed a collection that centres on the country’s most respected regions, while staying on the lookout for emerging classics. Meanwhile, the family connection to the motherland has provided a distinct Italian flavour to our imports and shaped the wholesale portfolio we work with today – both in wines and spirits. 
The family culture at Alepat Taylor is firmly entrenched. Members of the directors’ families are active within the business, and their values stretch wide into all aspects of trade. Connections to product are strong and our connections to our customers even more so. With an experienced team, can-do attitude and a full-service model, Alepat Taylor is here to help our customers – fostering growth, sharing knowledge and exploring all avenues of potential.

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