Alepat Taylor’s manufacturing department is committed to customer satisfaction, adding value and offering exceptional service. Our manufacturing operations consist of two state of the art bottling plants, one in the inner Melbourne suburb of Preston and the other in regional Victoria, at Kyneton. Alepat can fill a variety of glass and P.E.T. bottles across our 5 bottling lines, which have the capacity to supply small and large clients alike.

Our bottling lines are capable of filling wines, spirits, liqueurs, RTDs, ciders, soft drinks, and spring and mineral waters. With over 100 years of collective experience in manufacturing and bottling and combined with our SQF and Organic certification, Alepat Taylor is the perfect partner for your manufacturing and bottling requirements.

Alepat Taylor complements our manufacturing plants with:

  • Fully functional and equipped laboratory with the latest technology, complimented with online testing and recording instrumentation
  • Winemakers & Chemists, with extensive experience and knowledge on blending, filtration, winemaking, spirits, brewing, liqueurs, RTDs, cider
  • Bonded Warehouse and Manufacturing (Preston site)
  • Modern bottling halls
  • Blending hall
  • Liquid storage capacity of over 4 million litres
  • Custom built fire proof spirit storage with 750,000 litre holding capacity
  • Current bottling capacity of 40,000 bottles per hour, with multi pack configurations
  • Kegging capability – Stainless steel 20-50 litres, A & D-type valves
  • 15 Litre bag filling, in cardboard box
  • 20 Litre carboys
  • A current production of 60,000,000 bottles a year, with a view to increase this by more than 25%
  • Warehouse capacity of 10,000 pallets with an in-house logistics infrastructure

For over thirty years our dedicated production team have worked together efficiently and diligently to meet the demands of Alepat Taylor’s ever expanding bottling schedule. Alepat is the proud manufacturing partner of many of the industry’s leading and most innovative companies, producing brands in spirits, liqueurs, wines and non-alcoholic beverages.

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