Isla Vodka

Isla introduces a range of all natural, irresistibly delicious premium vodka RTD’s and spirits consciously crafted from nature’s best.  This Australian wheat vodka is expertly distilled five-times and crafted with pure natural spring water. Its clean and unmistakably smooth flavour is designed to pair dreamily with your favourite mixers, beautiful cocktail creations and life’s finer […]

Giass Gin

Giass was born in an abandoned railway station by the name of Porta Romana. The collaboration of five individuals with experience in food and spirits in the region, what started as some fun in a shed with a three-litre alembic still is now Milan’s first ever London Dry Gin, and a very layered and complex […]

Barbaresso Oyzo

Barbaresso’s history begins in Smyrna, with ‘Special Vlassis’, a liquor distilled from local grape must and flavoured with currants, fennel and other aromatics. Produced by the Vlassis family, Greeks living and trading within the Ottoman empire, life was not always peaceful. As it happens, in 1828, while the seas churned with warfare, they called upon […]

Ciprani Drinks

Giuseppe Cipriani opened Harry’s Bar in 1931. Later to become a declared national landmark and the centre point of the eponymous Cipriani’s hotel, the bar gained fame immediately due to its post war glamour, San Marco location and exceptional bartenders.  A key to its success was the warm atmosphere and lack of imposition – it […]

Chopin Vodka

When the Founder of Chopin Vodka, Tadeusz Dorda, took control of a century-old distillery 30 years ago, he understood he was buying a piece of Polish history. Since then, Dorda and his family-oriented team have done everything they can to preserve Poland’s traditional vodka-making legacy, which has always been focussed on quality and purity, but […]

Chatelle Napoleon Brandy

Established in 1828, this is a traditional French brandy with a powerful history spanning two centuries. The creator of Chatelle, Abel Planat, dedicated his outstanding French Brandy to members of his family – his brother, who was a great friend of Napoleon Bonaparte, and his grandfather, who was Châtelain (lord) of La Faye Château.


With 160 years of history, Camus is the largest Cognac house that remains fully family owned and run. Camus is the largest Cognac-producing landowner in the Borderies area, the most highly sought cru of Cognac, in its historical heart. The company also owns a site on the tiny Ile de Re, a maritime Cognac sourced […]