Giass Gin

Milano-origin London Dry Gin

Giass was born in an abandoned railway station by the name of Porta Romana. The collaboration of five individuals with experience in food and spirits in the region, what started as some fun in a shed with a three-litre alembic still is now Milan’s first ever London Dry Gin, and a very layered and complex one at that!

Giass is a new generation gin, produced in an ancient lab that is surrounded by mountains, and adhering to London Dry methodology. Eighteen individual botanicals are subject to a 72-hour cold infusion in stainless steel, before distillation in a Charentais copper alembic. The only other addition is pure mountain water. Its personality comes from a union of different components, designed to give an eclectic impact but with a dry, immediate and clean finish that gets straight to the point.  

This very classy 18-botanical spirit, and the packaging is as unique as the spirit inside of the bottle. The ornamental motif, inspired by the geometrics of Milan’s Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, is elegantly silkscreened on a classic bottle shape resembling old pharmaceutical containers.

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Giass Gin

London Dry, 42% ABV
Milan, Italy

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