Gonzalez Byass

The Gonzalez Byass La Copa range is based on recipes found in the company archives dating back to its founding in 1896, with labels inspired by the designs found in the company’s historic archives. The details are a closely guarded secret, but botanicals including wormwood, savory, clove, orange, cinnamon, nutmeg, angelic root and cinchona bark. […]

Cordero di Montezemolo

The Cordero di Montezemolo family has historic and deep roots in Piemonte. Since 1340, nineteen generations in succession have managed the Monfalletto property in La Morra, the centre of the production of Barolo wine. The flagship single-body vineyard of 28 hectares in Barolo—a rare phenomenon in a region where small pieces of land are generally […]


Although Capetta wines are based in Piemonte, the company history led to production outside of the home estate, especially in the early days. The DOC Marsala wines are the only remnants of the historic business. Far from the basic Marsala wines designed solely for cooking, these are also delicious in cocktails. The Cremovo, with its […]


The Burmester vineyards are on the left bank of the Douro river, right in the heart of the Douro Superior region. The multiple aspects, terroirs and microclimates, enable the production of various Port styles. The vineyards spread over about 100ha, going down in levels and terraces, from an altitude of 600m, all the way down […]