New Additions to the Bellussi Range

If you haven’t got your head around where Oltrepò Pavese is and why it matters, head over here. Masi have also jumped on the Oltrepo bandwagon and we’re hoping to see more from them in a few years. In the meantime, we’ve just received shipment of Belllussi‘s super-pure Pinot Noir sparkling from a region you probably haven’t explored yet. At the same time, the Martellozzo’s premium Prosecco Rosé has hit our shores, a beautifully elegant and dry Prosecco pink in some serious packaging. These two wines sit just higher in price than Bellussi’s superb DOCG, providing a stunning contrast of choice across the range

Bellussi Brut Blanc de Noirs 2022

This is a single vintage, sparkling wine grown in the calcareous/clay soils of Oltrepò Pavese. Fruit was hand harvested before a cold maceration and very gentle pressing to make a Blanc de Noirs style. Bellussi’s extended Charmat method means the slow infusion of fizz took up to six months. It is a dry, fragrant and well-structured wine, enhanced by the careful vinification. At 6 g/L residual sugar, this sits firmly in Brut territory, with a very dry finish. Showing great versatility, it is ideal as an aperitif and perfect to be served with cold and raw dishes. 

Bellussi Prosecco Rosé Brut DOC 2023

The rosé is 90% Glera with just 10% Pinot Nero, and was sourced from various DOC vineyards within the Prosecco area. While the Glera was processed as per the DOC Extra Dry Prosecco, the Pinot Noir saw a short maceration for the infusion of colour. At just under 10 g/L residual, it is just a little drier than the DOCG, but suffers no lack of fragrance. Hints of small red fruits and citrus dance across an elegant and refined palate. Although well-suited as an aperitif, this wine also finds great partners at the dinner table.