Isla Vodka

Isla introduces a range of all natural, irresistibly delicious premium vodka RTD’s and spirits consciously crafted from nature’s best.  This Australian wheat vodka is expertly distilled five-times and crafted with pure natural spring water. Its clean and unmistakably smooth flavour is designed to pair dreamily with your favourite mixers, beautiful cocktail creations and life’s finer […]

Barbaresso Oyzo

Barbaresso’s history begins in Smyrna, with ‘Special Vlassis’, a liquor distilled from local grape must and flavoured with currants, fennel and other aromatics. Produced by the Vlassis family, Greeks living and trading within the Ottoman empire, life was not always peaceful. As it happens, in 1828, while the seas churned with warfare, they called upon […]


Melbourne’s own liqueurs were created by Eddie Baitz in 1946. Inspired by his father Clifford (who ran a Fitzroy wine bar and shop with celebrated vintner Samuel Wynn), Edward started experimenting with liqueurs back in his Melbourne High School days, and what started as an obsession with Benedictine became a quest for balance and invention. […]