Le Petit Frenchy

Victor Bardou is a Provence native with over 20 years’ experience sourcing, exporting, managing and marketing Côtes de Provence Rosé. For his own bottling, he sources fruit from his established contacts across varied vineyards around the village of Vidauban in the Haut Var. This is some of the oldest winegrowing terroir of France, where warm […]

Chatelle Napoleon Brandy

Established in 1828, this is a traditional French brandy with a powerful history spanning two centuries. The creator of Chatelle, Abel Planat, dedicated his outstanding French Brandy to members of his family – his brother, who was a great friend of Napoleon Bonaparte, and his grandfather, who was Châtelain (lord) of La Faye Château.


With 160 years of history, Camus is the largest Cognac house that remains fully family owned and run. Camus is the largest Cognac-producing landowner in the Borderies area, the most highly sought cru of Cognac, in its historical heart. The company also owns a site on the tiny Ile de Re, a maritime Cognac sourced […]

Pierre deville

The complete sparkling brut in the appealing French style, Pierre Deville is balanced by crisp but gentle acid – an approachable wine that’s fresh and clean, showing good length. A wine for all occasions and a variety of foods, hors d’ouvres and cheese, shellfish or fruit desserts, it’s also a flavoursome addition to cocktails, particularly […]