Cantina Mesa

Flavourful Sardinian wines sourced from the 'medaus' of Lower Sulcis

Mesa (meaning dinner table in the local dialect) is the brainchild of Gavino Sanna, who branched out from advertising in 2004 to create a range of wines from his homeland. The 66-hectare estate is on the slopes of Sant’Anna Arresi, near Porto Pino. This southerly coastal belt of the island is known as the Lower Sulcis and is characterised by a plain scattered with ‘medaus’ (country villages) and small, ungrafted vineyards in very sandy soil – many with vines over a century old. 

The influence of the sea has a significant impact on the climate, mitigating the heat of summer and the extended sunshine hours. The marine breezes and the salty air guarantee the freshness and vivacity in the wines. The grapes grown here, as the terroir and the language, share more with Mediterranean Spain than with Italy – Grenache (known as Cannonau) is long, intense and ripe, while the white wines are an aromatic, mineral and textured version of Vermentino.

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Moro Cannonau di Sardinia

Sardinia, Italy

Giunco Vermentino di Sardinia

Sardinia, Italy

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