An Expanded Range from Cipriani Drinks

Since 1931 Harry’s Bar has been welcoming guests in the heart of Venice. Renowned for its whimsical atmosphere of history, myth and liberty, there has always been a pervading philosophy that the bartender is an artist, but also a psychologist, a friend and an advisor. In 1983, Cipriani Drinks was formed with the experience of Harry’s bartenders to bring the recipes, flavours and ingredients from Venice into homes all over the world. This month we welcome several new drinks to the range. More info on each one follows – please reach out if you would like to know more.

Cipriani Bellini 200ml Piccolo

We’ve been importing the original Bellini from Cipriani drinks for a couple of years now, and finally we have a pocket-sized version we affectionately like to term the bambini Bellini. For those who need to be reacquainted, this is based of the original recipe invented at Cipriani’s Harry’s Bar in Venice and calls for a precise balance of dry Italian sparkling wine and Mediterranean white peach purée. The fine and delicate flavour of white peaches is a match made in heaven with the lively and fragrant bubbles the wine. 

Cipriani London Dry Gin

Exquisitely dry and icy cold, the Montgomery was invented by Ernest Hemmingway while he propped up the bar at Harry’s. A variation on the Martini, this cocktail has the extreme ratio of 15:1 Gin to Dry Vermouth and traditionally has no garnish. A cocktail with the ultimate respect paid to the base spirit, this means the Gin needs to be delicately balanced, viscous at freezer temperature and flavoursome on its own. Cipriani have this Gin crafted in England to purpose – heavy on the juniper with secondary notes of citrus and pepper standing above other botanicals. Mix it at home in your own Montgomery, or partner with a gentle, dry tonic and a twist of lemon.

Cipriani Prosecco DOC

The area near the city of Trieste was originally called “Prosek” in the Serbo-Croatian language. It translates as ‘cut wood’ and was named so because of the trees which were felled to create space for the cultivation of vineyards. As its first point of reference in the world of Prosecco, Cipriani Drinks has chosen this gravelly, rocky stretch of land poised in the stillness and beauty of the surrounding landscape as the source of their house Prosecco. With its lingering fruit and floral bouquet and soft, slightly creamy palate, this is a DOC Prosecco to please all. Drink as an aperitif or use as a base for a range of spritzed cocktails, or the famous Bellini.

Cipriani Amaro 7 Parti

The violet artichoke, carciofo violetto, is cultivated on the Venetian island of Sant’Antonio in Torcello. Giuseppe Cipriani sr. fell so much in love with the island that he founded the Locanda Cipriani there, and since then, artichokes have always graced the table at Harry’s Bar. Now, to bring a taste of Torcello directly into the homes of all, Cipriani drinks have created a digestif with seven perfectly balanced plants and herbs (7 parti) and one to rule them all, the purple artichoke grown on the island itself. Try it over ice after dinner, or put a new spin on classic cocktails like the Manhattan or Americano.

Cipriani Beers

All Cipriani beers are made from barley malt, brewed with spring water originating in the Dolomites, naturally pure due to the long underground journey it takes from the snowy peaks to the plains. In addition to hops, you can find Cipriani beers fermented with native ingredients that contribute natural bitterness, fragrance and body, creating some very complex and food-friendly brews.  Chiara is a Munich Helles-style beer, while Radicchio is a Vienna-Style Lager flavoured with a native chicory to Venice, and Carciofo is a New-Style American Pale Ale fermented with the leaves of artichokes (carciofo) from Sant’Antonio in Torcello.