Rosé Days

It seems most of us are fairly au fait with our wine choices when it comes to reds and whites. We know some basics, for example Sauvignon Blancs are generally aromatic, Chardonnays are rounder, Shiraz is bold and rich and Pinot Noir is more fragrant and lighter.

But rosé is a whole new ball game. The grape varieties are less important to the final flavour, the region often indistinguishable, the winemaking incredibly varied, the palate weight as variable as the colour and, although most rosés we drink in Australia are dry, every so often you’ll be surprised by an off-dry, or at least super-fruity version.

Here’s a very simple rundown on the current release rosés in our portfolio, to help you see past the label and the colour and understand the difference in the glass. Please contact us for full product information and pricing.