Cipriani Bellini

We are excited to add the internationally acknowledged, Harry’s Bar Venice original  – Cipriani Bellini to our portfolio.

Prepared at Harry’s Bar in Venice, this world famous cocktail consists of the precise balance of Mediterranean white peach juice and brut sparkling wine – perfect to enjoy in the upcoming spring and summer months any time of the day but best enjoyed as an aperitif.

A simple symbol of freedom, Italian art and hospitality.

1948 in Harry’s Bar Venice, Giuseppe Cipriani was dedicated to creating a cocktail to peace as the war had just ended. He wanted to create a drink that had fresh sweet flavours of peach, whose pulp was the main ingredient. At the time, there was an anthological exhibition dedicated to Giovanni Bellini, the famous renaissance painter, also known as Giambellino. In the colours of spirit and of those paintings, Giuseppe Cipriani almost saw an assonance with the chromatic texture and the idea behind his cocktail. And so, the two works became one and the most famous aperitif of the century was born. The Bellini.

Cipriani Bellini – is a special drink.

  • Original Bellini, original recipe
  • Fresh peach puree, sparkling
  • Visual impact of the packaging
  • Resealable bottle
  • Italian-style iconic cocktail
  • Low and well-balanced alcoholic content 5.5%
  • Nautrally gluten free