Introducing Lambay Whiskey

Receiving two gold medals at the World Spirit Awards 2018, Lambay Irish Whiskey is crafted using the centuries old distilling expertise of Irish Whiskey making with the century old blending and maturing expertise of French Cognac House Camus, to create a unique and unusual range of Irish Whisky.

Alepat are proud to distribute Lambay Single Malt and Lambay Small Batch Irish Whiskey. Lambay Single Malt received 92 points at the Ultimate Spirit Challenge 2018 and both capture the perfection and nuances of Lambay Island, the natural paradise where they are raised and finished.

Lambay Island is a jewel only three miles off the coast of Ireland combining nature and tradition in the two extraordinary whiskies.  The Island provides a unique maritime microclimate environment, which is perfect for adding a distinctive finish to the new range.  This Irish whisky is sure to enchant the most distinguished palates.