17 September 2018
Alepat Taylor is proud to announce…

Alepat Taylor is proud to announce the commencement of national sales, marketing & distribution of SELECT, the original Venetian spritz.

SELECT was created in 1920 in the heart of Venice, at Pilla Distilleries, a place renowned for the art of liquor making. During the postwar period the young Pilla Brothers contributed to the rebirth of this magnificent Italian city. Venice was at a turning point, people were beginning to venture out again and rediscover life’s pleasures. The act of enjoying an aperitif with friends spread throughout the city.

As aperitif popularity began to grow, SELECT became the star of the Venetian cocktail scene, and the main ingredient in the Original Venetian Spritz. Almost a century has passed and today, Select Aperitivo is still known as the true icon of the Venetian aperitif: a unique bitter that is served at historical/iconic bars and by bartenders around the world, eager to offer something unique and special.

Select Aperitivo is characterised by a sophisticated aromatic profile and a well balanced bittersweet taste. Of the 30 plus botanicals in the rich, complex recipe, two of its truly special ingredients are rhubarb roots and juniper berries.



Macerated individually and carefully processed with artisanal mastery, they give the product its intense bitter note.


Macerated individually, when extracted, their fresh, resinous notes add a strong structure and persistence to the bitter, making it particularly suitable for mixing.

Colour: Intense and brilliant ruby red color with orange highlights.

Nose: Strong and tonic primary notes, with citrus fruit and essential oils, combined with fresh, balsamic, resinous eucalyptus and menthol notes which mainly come from the juniper distillate. Secondary notes are complex and herbaceous.

Taste: At first taste, Select Aperitivo is complex and intense with bitter notes from roots and barks. Spicy and tropical notes come through at mid-palate, which complement the citrus notes. The finish is pleasant and persistent with fresh and rich notes coming from the citrus fruits and essential oils

Alepat Taylor look forward to building Select’s brand awareness, positioning it as the premium Aperitivo. The brand, as is the case in other markets, assumes the position as the no. 1 original Venetian spritz. In the coming months look out for Alepat Taylor and its network partners around Australia visiting your venue to discuss the wonderful Select brand further.