Villa Rosa

Stunning old vines in Castellina in Chianti, now managed by Famiglia Cecchi

Villa Rosa’s vines extend over 30 hectares in Castellina in Chianti at altitudes between 225 and 425 metres. The Cecchi Family purchased the property from the Lucherini Bandini Family in 2015, after their careful stewardship over 70 years. As soon as the company was purchased, a meticulous project of soil profiling commenced, consisting of in-depth analysis of the terrain and isolation of three vigneti: Casetto, Ribaldoni and the original, 1965-planted Palagione. Each represents different terroir and brings various aspects, altitudes and soil types to the portfolio, the latter of which is responsible for the foundation of not only the Gran Selezione, but the historic rootstock for future vine generations.

We bring in two wines from Villa Rosa. The Ribaldoni Chianti Classico DOCG is 100% Sangiovese, sourced mainly from younger vines, which are massale selections from the Palagione vineyard grafted onto rootstocks. This wine typically has black olive and iron-ore characters unique to the terroir of the site. There is always a fresh and bright personality due to the purity of the Sangiovese fruit. Then there is the Gran Selezione, also 100% Sangiovese but sourced from older vines across several blocks, some on very steep gradients. Fermentation was in steel before maturation for 15 months in French oak and the remaining 15 months in concrete and bottle. Although Gran Selezione are always the boldest and fullest of the Chianti wines, this is a very finely structured expression, providing a great point of difference from other wines of its genre.

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Villa Rosa Ribaldoni Chianti Classico DOCG
Tuscany, Italy
Villa Rosa Gran Selezione Chianti Classico DOCG
Tuscany, Italy
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